HHKB keycaps

Ever wondered where to find custom keycaps for HHKB keyboards? Search no more, there is no good option out there! That is why we decided to make URSA, a new bespoke keycap profile for a smooth and accurate typing experience.

We are a small team of experienced professionals working on making your typing experience better. Now, read more about URSA profile or pick a colorway below to join us!


Ever wondered where to find custom keycaps for Topre keyboards? If you own an HHKB, or a Realforce or Leopold keyboard, you may know the struggle when it comes to finding parts for your keyboard.

FK has partnered with 23_Andreas to make a new keycap profile, designed specifically with Topre keyboards in mind. Joining forces between an experienced keycap manufacturer and a renowned keycaps designer, URSA is one of our first projects to bring EC keyboards customization to the next level.

🎉 Funded!
Ended May 15th

Delivery estimate Q1 2025

Ships from China

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