What kits do I need?

There are 4 kits available for now: “Base”, “Alphas”, “Mods” and “Extension”.

Check the list below to see which one(s) you need.

Keyboards compatibility

  • HHKB Pro
  • HHKB Pro 2
  • HHKB Classic
  • HHKB Hybrid
  • Leopold FC660C
  • Realforce 84U
  • Realforce 86U
  • Realforce 87U
  • Realforce 104U
  • Realforce R2 PFU
  • Realforce R3
  • Leopold FC980C
  • Topre Type Heaven

Base kit = Alphas kit + Mods kit

Base kits are available in “designers” colorways, while ”standard” colorways come separately to be mixed.

Supported with Base kit only
Requires Base + Extension kits
URSA keycaps are for Topre/EC keyboards only.
Base Kit
79 keys · $80
Extension Kit
52 keys · $60
Alphas Kit
49 keys · $50
Mods Kit
$30 · 39 keys

When will I get my keycaps?

Shipping is estimated for Q1 2025.

We call it an estimate because mass production of double shot PBT keycaps is a tricky process, and we aim to deliver a high end product, that looks and feels better than the OEM keycaps.

We will post regular updates (at least once per samples we receive), and send emails to all buyers.


July 2023
Mar 2024
Test mold approved
Apr 2024
May 2024
In progress
Colors approved
June 2024
Giveaway winners
Oct 2024
Molds approved
Nov 2024
~1 month
Production done
Jan 2025
~2 months
Ships to customers 🚀

What about shipping?

We will send a confirmation email just before shipping so that if your address changed, we don't ship to the old one.

🇪🇺 All orders to EU will be shipped DDP (Delivered Duty Paid). This means you don't have to pay custom duties on delivery. These taxes don't apply in the US.

Forgot something? You can place multiple orders and get shipping refunded. Just send an email to contact@fkcaps.com

Special request? Add a note in the comments on the checkout page.

Where does URSA keycap profile come from?

Check out the About page

What happens if we don't reach the goal?

We have adjusted our goal after the first 2 weeks of the campaign, to make sure we can fulfill all orders.

If we were completely unable to do so, we will simply fully refund all orders (and cry our eyes out).
We don't touch your money until we are able to deliver.