URSA Classic

Alphas kit
49 keys
Mods kit
30 keys
Extension kit
52 keys
Blanks kit
131 keys
6u spacebar
1 key
Keyboard compatibility
Pre-orders period ended May 15th
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"Classic" colorway has been the most common and loved colorways for years now. If you are after that original vibe it is probably for you.

Alphas: Haze

Mods: Smoke

To get a better feel of the colors, check out the photo of the color chips that we sampled and approved.

FK has partnered with 23_Andreas to make a new keycap profile, designed specifically with Topre keyboards in mind. Joining forces between an experienced keycap manufacturer and a renowned keycaps designer, URSA is one of our first projects to bring EC keyboards customization to the next level.

Concept render of the Classic colorway
"Classic" and "Black" colorways samples (Realforce keycaps for comparison)
Minicom color chip samples
Red and blue color chip samples (Realforce keycaps for comparison)
🎉 Funded!
Ended May 15th

Delivery estimate Q1 2025

Ships from China

Pre-order & refunds