Ever wondered where to find custom keycaps for Topre keyboards? If you own an HHKB, or a Realforce or Leopold keyboard, you may know the struggle when it comes to finding parts for your keyboard.

We have partnered with 23_Andreas to prepare a new keycap profile, designed specifically with Topre keyboards in mind. Joining forces between an experienced keycap manufacturer and a renowned keycaps designer, URSA is one of our first projects to bring EC keyboards customization to the next level.

Don't know what a Topre keyboard is? Here is a summary


I am glad you ask, there are a few things that make URSA look better, feel better, and even sound better:

  • PBT
    Not all plastic polymers are born equal. Each family has its own characteristics and specs, that define how the material will behave and age. PBT is recognized as the best material for keycaps, because of its durability, sound profile (it thocks) and resistant to "shine" (ABS for instance gets shiny on the keys that are heavily pressed on). It is the same material as the OEM keycaps that come with the keyboards.
  • Double shot
    When it comes to keycaps production there is nothing better than doubleshot on the market. It is made by injecting 2 sorts of plastic (2 shots) in a mold, where one plastic becomes the legend, and the other is the body of the keycap. The downside of this process is that it is very expensive to set up, but the upside is the ability to inject so many vibrant colors. OEM keycaps legends are made using dye sublimation, a different process that limits the colors applied (ie. the reason why there are no white-on-black keycaps).
  • Spherical top The spherical top surface allows for a smoother and more accurate typing experience. You can read more about the design of the profile itself here.
  • Better than what? As stated before there is not much competition out there, so we only have OEM keycaps to compare to. We will 100% do better, and plan to set the bar so high that MX users will make the switch (pun might be intended).

URSA vs OEM vs Hi-Pro


Who runs the project?

FK are an experienced keycaps manufacturer, that already made the MBK profile, HEX keycaps, and the SLK profile. They work with designers to bring their projects to production, and foster creativity in the keyboards community.
23_Andreas is a renowned designer in the Topre community. He has been working on URSA for years now, printing prototypes, sending them around for feedback. He is also an amazing 3D artist, that made all the beautiful renders on this website. He designed URSA out of love for deep dish spherical keycaps, inspired by vintage keycaps of the 1970s and 80s.
biip is a famous keycaps designer who has run many keycap sets, with original and unique legends designs. We all met at Mechanicon 2023 and he kindly agreed to run the first designer set for URSA called Minicom and we are thrilled to have him on the team.

After 23_Andreas did his design explorations, he got in touch with FK (kartsims) in January 2023. It couldn't be a better timing, and in March 2023, we posted about it on Reddit, then ran an Interest Check in July 2023, where we collected customers input to make sure the product fits enthusiasts' expectations. We then ordered a test mold, to make sure our manufacturer is able to deliver on both the quality and colors we expect, and decided to launch the pre-orders after we got successful results. It has been quite a journey already, but the best is yet to come.

Andreas' 3D printed prototypes (not renders!)
Test mold and color samples

So, what's the plan?

We are now taking pre-orders, to collect funds for the expensive double shot molds. So today, we need your help to get started on growing the Topre customization scene. Make sure to join in before May 15th.

We will communicate on progress, at every step of the way. Stay tuned by following the updates on this website, we will also send emails to all backers. We also put out a timeline of the next steps to come.

Once the preorders are over and URSA molds are being produced by the factory, we will stay busy with other related projects. First of which is the DAO keyboard, a premium Topre keyboard with an HHKB layout, made of metal that can sit heavily and gloriously on your desk, coming ready to type, at a price point slightly above $300. You can subscribe to get notified about it here.

After the GB is fulfilled, in a few months, we will start polling for new colorways, and looking for designers collaborations, that will hopefully be released in 2025. But you will hear more about that when the time comes. We will also draw the winners of the pre-orders giveaways at the end of May.

Concept renders (not actual future colorways!)

Technical specs

URSA is a new keycap profile, designed with Topre keyboards in mind. Compatible with most keyboards, it comes in 4 kits and 5 colorways (to start, for the first batch).

Rows are numbered from 1 ("function" or "numbers" row) to 5 (space bar), following established standards.

Mind that in the URSA profile, the bottom row's default shape is convex. This is non-standard, and makes typing on the bottom row keys with the thumbs (or pinkies) a more precise and comfortable experience.

The row profile was developed with an incline of 6 degrees, a good average of popular Topre keyboards. It feels great on HHKB, Realforce and Leopold alike. The touch area inclination and distance was refined for short key travel.


Meticulous care went into sculpting the dish as deep yet as continuous as possible for a smooth touch while still expressing character.


The flat top edge is a bespoke choice. Contrary to other designs it does not deform to serve the spherical profile of the dish.


In the tradition of spherical keycaps the profile features a slight convex shape which underlines the curved nature of the top surface.


The addition of the vertial extruded bottom edges imbues an exalted appearance of the overall design.


To maximize comfort, the bottom row features convex touch areas for the modifier keys. An increased front fillet also provides a smoother edge.

How to contact the team?

Any question/comment/feedback, join our Discord server or send us an email to contact [at] fkcaps.com.