Giveaway winners 🎁


Before we get into the giveaways, a small update on the keycaps molds. We have started the work with the factory to make the mold files, including the legends. Our goal is to get legends perfectly aligned, and Andreas is carefully checking each one, making sure we are getting a 100% match between what is done in the factory files, and what has been prepared in the 2D views and renders. It requires manual checks, and files going one way then the other, and the whole team is actively working on it. Doing this perfectly right early in the process helps prevent mistakes in the future.

URSA legends alignment

Giveaway results

A big THANK YOU to Cipulot who drew the names on stream last Friday. You can watch the replay, that was a fun time! Cipulot is a PCB designer who has done a lot to make EC (Topre) PCBs possible and open sourced some of his work, make sure to support him if you need an HHKB replacement PCB for example.

If your name has been drawn, you have received an email to announce it to you. Hopefully it didn't end in the spam folder as we are all receiving unexpected emails announcing "you have won this or that", but this time it was true!

Limited edition artisans

We picked one winner per day of the preorders period, from the 14th of April to the 16th of May, that is 33 limited editions that were given away to our backers! It's a unique colorway that will not be produced again, ever. It was only made for the backers who made URSA possible ❤️

URSA limited edition artisan

We won't spill the beans on the exact finish color, as we'd prefer for you to just discover it upon opening the package. Here are the winners:

15/04/2024 ben***@g***.com
16/04/2024 Patrick H.
17/04/2024 John N.
18/04/2024 Philippe D.
19/04/2024 Naohito S.
20/04/2024 Glenn M.
21/04/2024 Matt L.
22/04/2024 Austin H.
23/04/2024 Harry T.
24/04/2024 Eric B.
25/04/2024 Cozmin V.
26/04/2024 Robert G.
27/04/2024 Ryan D.
28/04/2024 Greg H.
29/04/2024 Reece C.
30/04/2024 Joseph L.
01/05/2024 Kevin Y.
02/05/2024 David N.
03/05/2024 Xury G.
04/05/2024 Colin H.
05/05/2024 Dylan R.
06/05/2024 Scott D.
07/05/2024 Guillaume G.
08/05/2024 Hunter C.
09/05/2024 Luis Fernando K.
10/05/2024 Evan J P.
11/05/2024 Sain L.
12/05/2024 Nathan T.
13/05/2024 Christopher B.
14/05/2024 Bingze L.
15/05/2024 Jan S.
16/05/2024 phi***@g***.com

DAO Keyboard

The winner for the DAO keyboard is J A M. (from the UK).

We have lost the last prototype in the mail 🥲 and are preparing the updates files to make a new one. This one will come assembled by the factory and should be as close as it gets to the production units. More on that as soon as we receive it, you can follow progress in our Discord server (get the DAO role!).

Next steps

The files review process is tedious and requires some back and forth with the factory. We are in the middle of it, and after it's done, there will be a few more weeks before we receive samples.

We still have a few people who didn't confirm their order content, or have not sent their shipping details! To make sure you are not one of them :

  • Go to your order page
  • If you don't see your shipping details: click the "CHANGE MY DETAILS" button below
  • If the items list is missing, or you are getting an error page, please send me an email:
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