URSA Samples Update #2


CNY has just started so things are on hold these days. A good opportunity to publish an update about the latest URSA samples!


We now have a good off-white color. It will be perfect for the Gray colorway. See below a photo of URSA off-white back to back with a Realforce alpha key.

URSA off-white sample

Compared to Realforce, they are overall very close as shown below (keycaps are OEM Realforce, plastic chips are URSA samples).

URSA compared to Realforce

Regarding the Blue and Red mods, the new blue is a bit darker and has been approved by 23_Andreas. The red is not there yet, and requires a bit more tweaking. We hope to get it right next time.

URSA blue and red samples

R1 1u samples mold

Stem fit got better but not perfect yet! Same goes for the top surface, not up to Andreas' standards. Every round is slightly tighter and closer to something we are happy with. By my calculations (or is that me being overly optimistic again?) next round should be the one 🤞

When factory workers come back from holidays, they will work on that mold again.

DOO keyboard

So. It turns out "doo" is a word for dog 💩 and we had no idea. That's what happens when no one in the team is a native English speaker 😂

Back to the drawing board, we finally found a name that we liked: AVA. But... there is already an AVA keyboard. Back to the drawing board again, and we (almost) came to a full circle with a name that we actually like a lot : they will be called DAO keyboards.

We will now work on the concept and graphic design for this keyboard, while I finish building the prototype sitting next to me.

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